How to Update Firmware on ASUS Lyra Mesh Wifi System

Firmware is a software installed in the electronic device that tells the device how to perform any operation. Firmware makes the devices respond to your request. The following guide will explain to you how to Update Firmware on ASUS Lyra Mesh Wi-Fi System.

At every firmware update, Asus Lyra Care to improve WiFi stability and speed more and more. So that it’s users don’t bother for any type of problem and experience high quality streaming.

Asus Lyra Firmware update cannot be held manually but only with the ‘Live Update’ feature on the Asus Lyra app with few simple steps that we are going to discuss.

There are few requirements you have to complete for the Asus Lyra setup update.

You should have the following content for Asus Lyra Mesh WiFi Update:

  1. Android device (of version above 4.3 with Bluetooth low-energy supports) or IOS device (of version 8.0 or above) or Laptop/Desktop with the availability of a WiFi connection.
  2. Downloaded Asus Lyra app from Google Play or App Store, or connect your device directly to the WiFi signal of Lyra. Connect to your WiFi signal by using or use the IP address
  3. Active Internet connection from your Internet Connection Provider.
  4. And obviously, you should have sufficient Power Slots for all the Lyra devices.

After checking all the requirements, you are ready to know ‘How to Update firmware on ASUS Lyra Mesh WiFi System’.

Consider the following steps for Asus Lyra Mesh WiFi Update:

  1. Enter to the ASUS Lyra App.
  2. Click on the Menu bar present on the left top of the screen.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Now, hit on the Asus Lyra Firmware Update.

(Lyra app will check for all the updates available for all your Lyra Hubs and that’s the best part that you don’t have to check your firmware and its updates. The part of remembering complicated numbers is simplified by Asus Lyra Care)

  1. If there is any update available, select Update and then continue.
  2. The Asus Lyra firmware update process would take a while. Wait for that and make sure you don’t Power Off your Lyra hubs during the update process.
  3.  to make the required changes, the Lyra Hubs would be rebooted itself.

Your Asus Lyra Mesh WiFi update would be considered complete when you would see a Solid Blue light on top.

If you still have doubt in how to update firmware on ASUS Lyra Mesh WiFi System or you are getting any problem in Asus Lyra Setup, take our expert’s help by calling us on our toll free number.