How to Access Asus Router Settings?

If you face issue while accessing Asus router setting page, then you must first check Asus router login steps. Once you successfully access Asus router login page, you will be able to access Asus Router Settings. Still, we are providing steps that will help you in how to access Asus router settings.

• First, connect your Asus router to the computer by using an Ethernet cable.
• Next, keep handy Asus router default IP address 192.168 1.1 setup, which is also known as a default gateway.
• IP address knowledge is important, otherwise, you will require using http // web address.
• Open a web browser on your device, PC or Wireless device, any device you use for asus router sign in.
• Now, enter either an IP address or web address http // into the address bar of your web browser. Next, press the enter button, to continue to next window.
• Next, you will see a prompt window, it will ask for router.asus login credentials.
• Provide the details and reach to Asus setup GUI Console Page.