How do I reset the password on my Asus router?

There is nothing more annoying than being locked out of your own house. The feeling of not being able to return back to your world is horrendous and hits you out of nowhere. In our day and age, we have somehow shared all of our worlds to form a haven on the internet; a place which we are seldom off from. We continue sharing this perfect place with our friends, family and those strangers we’ve never met. But in a world that needs keys to open doors; we somehow manage to lock ourselves out of it too. Losing password to your router, there is no worse feeling than that. Thankfully we do know routers and Asus is one of our favorites.

Asus routers are legitimately one of the best in the networking industry. The reliability and design of its routers are identified across many countries. Although the high-end routers are undoubtedly the best in their range and the corporate level devices provide networking solutions to companies across the world, even the home-based routers are known for their power and stylish design.

Since praising the router won’t give you access to it, let’s talk about how to let you in and open doors to your Asus router. There are a couple of ways which does grant access to your blocked router; both of which require you to be in the presence of your hardware.

Since there could be several reasons why you would require a reset, let us work on and look at the scenarios:


Scenario 1:

You are connected to your wifi network and need to reset password as you have lost/forgotten it.

In the first scenario, it is quite common to forget your password since most of the times we just have our passwords ‘remembered’ and save ourselves from entering the same each time we have to log on. This makes us eventually forget the password. To change the password in this scenario, you would need a laptop of the native network (connected to your Asus router).


Step 1: Open any browser and enter the IP address in the address bar and press enter. This will take you to your Asus router’s web-based setup page.


Step 2: Once the prompt appears asking you Username and Password, here is where you need to enter in the fields:



Universally, this is the Asus default username and password and should be accepted, if it doesn’t, try the Password: Password


Step 3: Head over to the advanced settings tab and find the option Administration.


Step 4: At the current page you’ll be greeted with multiple tabs and you need to find and click the tab Restore/Save/Upload Setting.


Step 5: Here you’ll find the Restore button adjacent to the Factory Default option. This will effectively clear all your current settings and you’ll be needed to reconfigure the router and add both the SSID and the Password to the router yourself.


Step 6: A confirmation box will prompt you informing you about the above-mentioned consequences. Press OK to continue.

Scenario 2

You are not connected to the wifi and network and need to reset your password.


A lot of other times, you find yourself at a position where you want to add a new device in the network but because you have lost the password or simply forgotten it, you decide to reset your password. Alternatively, if you don’t wish to follow the above-mentioned steps, you can also choose to have the password reset with the following method. To have the password changed now, you’ll need to follow the below-mentioned steps:


Step 1: Find the Reset button of the router on the device itself. It will be a small button with Reset written on it present generally at the back or at the bottom of the router.


Step 2: Press and hold down the Reset button for a minimum of 10 seconds before releasing it. Observe the power light on the router. Once the light begins to flash, release the button.


Step 3: The Router has been reset effectively and has attained the original factory settings. Once you access the web-based setup page of the router using the IP address [], you would be required to begin the initial setup of the router once again. Add the SSID and Password; you would be good to go.


With the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to retrieve the access to your router and Reset any lost or forgotten password. A key left to your friendly neighbor will help you get back in but bear in mind that the steps are to be undertaken for personal use only. We do not support using the above steps to either change passwords of devices which are not owned by you and/or used for any other unethical purposes.