• Asus Router setup

Why We Need Asus Router?

Now it is much easier to setup your home network and manage it with Asus app. Asus brand needs no introduction, as it has gained a lot of popularity for it's over to top motherboards and graphics cards. When it makes a grand entry into the world of the router, it marked its name in such a short span of time. It is all because Asus brand has a range of advanced routers which are loaded with advanced features and settings. This is why Asus router gets appreciated all over the world, especially by gamer. So, this website is dedicated to Asus router setup and how to access Asus router settings? Once you know Asus setup, you can do modification in Asus router username and password or access Asus router login page. So, for now, we will start the process with few features of your Asus router.

Features of Asus Router

• Asus router has Dual-band with the most recent 802.11ac 3x3 technology for mutual speeds of up to 1900 Mbps.
• 1 GHz Dual-core CPU facilitates smart multitasking by dedicating detached lanes for USB & Wifi data.
• Easy router setup with the ASUS WRT web-based interface
• ASUS Router App Manages & Monitor the home network easily from your Smartphone.
Asus router AiProtection is Powered by Trend Micro. As it offers multi-stage protection from exposure detection to protect sensitive data.
• Your Asus router supports AiMesh, it can connect other Asus router & generate a reliable & flexible whole-home Wi-Fi network.
• ASUS Smart Connect distributes reliable bandwidth by switching devices between 2.4 & 5 GHz bands based on load, signal strength & speed.


How to Install Asus Router?

• Before you start the installation of your Asus router, choose the place where you will put the router.
• As per experts router should be placed in a place, which has no metal & electrical obstructions.
• Make sure where you place router, it has no 2.4GHz computer nonessentials, cordless phones & Bluetooth devices.
• Orient the router antennas, to get the best wireless signals.

Asus Router Setup

• For setting up Asus router, make use of wired connection, this will eradicate any possible setup problem.
• Prior Asus router setup, Replace your old router if you wish to. The router will get replaced by disconnecting from the network.
• Next, disconnect the wires & cables from your current modem setup. Or if your modem has a backup battery, take out it also.
• Reboot your Pc and cable modem, this option is recommended by the experts.

Asus Router Login

• For Asus setup, take a computer or a wireless device, and open a web browser on it.
• Type Asus router default web address http //router.asus.com or IP address 192.168 1.1 setup Asus into the address bar.
• If, IP address 192 168 1 1 or default web address http //router.asus.com, doesn’t work, check the address you have entered.
• After checking the address, try again one again or if the problem still persists, try to use another PC or browser.
• Once you resolve your problem, next enter the Asus router login default credentials.
• Asus router login credentials consist, Asus router username and password.
• Use admin in both the options. When you enter the Asus router sign in credentials, this will redirect you to the Asus router settings page. From here you can start making changes in 192.168 1.1 setup wireless routers password.If you have any issue with Asus login or Asus router login, contact our router experts on the toll-free number. They are also available on the Live chat support window, to instantly revert back to your queries.

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